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The ultimate combination of
tradition & modern design

PHILIKON Luxury Suites is a complex of 4 luxurious and spacious suites with a different theme each. Two of them are located on the ground floor while external stairs lead to the suites on the first floor.

Each suite is a detached house with a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, a wc, and a fully equipped kitchen. The rooms have air conditioning and internet access.

All suites meet in a well-kept inner courtyard offering moments of relaxation and tranquility.

Respecting the tradition and the architecture of the area, PHILIKON Luxury Suites was created with materials close to nature with emphasis on stone and wood to provide quality and memorable accommodation. Our goal is for the visitor to our spaces to find his inner Harmony, to come to Euphoria, to discover the Aesthesis that his environment causes him and finally to find the ‘Inspiration that is needed for each recharge.

PHILIKON means favorite. It means friends, family, love.


60 m2



The beige, emerald and blue details create a great combination of luxury while the guests can enjoy their privacy as the suite with the closing of the inner door is divided into two different spaces.


60 m2



Guests can enjoy their privacy as the suite is divided into two different areas: the bedroom and the bathroom with double shower, and the living room, kitchen and second bathroom allowing for a comfortable stay.


60 m2



The Aesthesis Suite is located on the top floor of the accommodation going up the first staircase. Here you are greeted by the living room, the bathroom with double showers and the kitchen.


60 m2



The Empneusis Suite is located on the top floor of the accommodation with a staircase in the background. This is where the living room, the bathroom and the kitchen welcome you.


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